Top 5 Best Mobile Web Browsers

Mobile phones today allow you to easily browse internet on the go. You can get information and stay connected with your family and friends whenever and wherever you are. Mobile web browsing has become really popular these days. Thus, numerous web browsers are made available for the different types of mobile phones today. So to help you in finding the right mobile web browser for you, here is a list of the 5 best mobile web browsers:

Opera Mini

Opera Mini works well for both Android phones and iPhones. It is considered as the rival web browser of Safari for the iPhone. The best thing about Opera Mini is that you can quickly download and upload files. Opera Mini compresses data traffic without feeling any quality loss, which makes this web browser perfect for slow internet connections. You can easily access all you web pages through the user-friendly tabs. It also has a speed dial to quickly access your favorite websites, and SSL and Javascript support. Plus Opera Mini comes for free.

Firefox Mobile

Firefox Mobile, also known as Fennec, is also available for both Android phones and iPhones. Firefox for Android has minimal differences from Firefox Home for iPhone. Firefox Home allows you to synchroize your iPhone with your desktop. You can easily access the list of tabs you have open on your desktop. Firefox for Android also has Firefox Sync that allows you to synchronize your desktop with your Android phone. This is really the great thing about Firefox Mobile. It’s really just like its desktop counterpart. Firefox Mobile is also comes for free.


Skyfire supports both Android and iPhone. Skyfire is best for people who love to browse through social networking sites. You can easily play Flash videos while saving up to 75% of video data usage. It has Twitter and Facebook QuickView which keeps your pages loaded for easy, one-touch access. With Skyfire, the Facebook Like button is available on every page you visit. And if you want a more compact view of your social networking sites, Skyfire’s Fireplace Reader provides a combined filtered list of your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Skyfire is for free.


Bitstream’s Bolt was originally made for Blackberries. Today, it is available for quite a number of mobile phones including Android. As its name says, Bolt loads really fast but only as long as there are no problems in contacting the server. If there’s a glitch, Bolt has a tendency to stall. If everything goes on smoothly, Bolt is perfect for streaming videos from YouTube and Facebook. The great thing about Bolt is that it gives you a full desktop-style browsing. Bolt can also be downloaded for free.


Dolphin is really just like the old Android default web browser but a far better version of it. Dolphin has been optimized with some extra options like User Agents, Gestures, and automatic language translation. It is relatively fast and has a neat look, with great tabbed browsing and design themes, and multi-touch zoom. Dolphin is for free.