Wonga Vs Top Text Loans

Sometimes you get behind on bills or emergencies knock on your door when you have no single penny on you. This should not cause you any worries as you can sort this problem instantly with the help of payday loans or text loans. However, you need not seek a payday loan blindly as it could cost you dearly. In your search for a suitable lender, you may come across many providers including Wonga and us! …TopTextLoans.co.uk. This should not create any dilemma because the difference is clear-cut.

We at Toptextloans.co.uk understand that the economy is hard for you. Therefore, they will allow you to borrow a quick loan that you can repay at an average interest rate of 1737%. On the other hand, Wonga charge an unbelievable 4214%!

You can only borrow up to £400 with Wonga as opposed to up to £1000 with us. Top text lenders appreciate the value of each customer and makes them feel equal. You can borrow a maximum of £1000 no matter the number of times you have borrowed before. This not only makes you feel valued but also trusted!

You may decide to borrow some quick cash for a pressing need while in the middle of the road away from computers and internet connection. If you want a loan from Wonga.com, you can forget it because you can only do so online. Nevertheless, you can just reach for your phone and apply with Top Text Loans in a flash. We will receive your application and process it within no time and you will have your money in your account as you get to your destination. Hence, your best bet is Top Text Loans! Click Here to apply now.